A.S.P Colour Rebels 2022

12th May 2022

Back in March this year, our very own Style Director, Andrew and our Senior Stylist, Abbie were down in Southampton as finalists, both hoping to gain a place in the A.S.P Colour Rebels Artistic Team for the 2022/2024 period.

Abbie used our apprentice Nina as her model. She focused on a look that was in support of the issues that are on-going in Ukraine. There was a ‘gofundme’ page created prior to the finals in order for people to donate to the online charity in support of Abbie’s choice in-aid of Ukraine. The money raised as well as Abbie’s donation of double what she had spent on creating the finished look was donated also.

Andrew’s futuristic theme was inspired by The Matrix with an intergalactic feel. His galaxy colours created a seamless colour melt, his colour choice was brought from the colours of space as well as the heavy 90’s fashion revival. Andrew’s strength as a hairdresser lies in vivid colouring so this was right down his street! Being successful at the finals, he secured himself a position in the Colour Rebels Artistic Team for 2022/2024.

We are so proud of the both of them and cannot wait to see what’s to come.